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SERVERS' RULES (Important)

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SERVERS' RULES (Important)

Post by ❤ ƤsφɭѺcᶄε ❤ on Thu Feb 04, 2016 10:39 pm

Hello everyone!  Very Happy

We've created some rules for all our users so that we all could have a nice and healthy relation, let's remember that *TGD* pretend to be servers which provide a competitive, but at the same time, a nice game for everyone.

This is why, BEFORE, join and play on *TGD* servers, we recommend you check out these following rules and respect them inside the game, this in order to avoid  any unnecessary bans in the future.

Thanks for your support and cooperation!

• General Rules Of The Servers:

1. There won't be allowed any insult of any kind against other players, this includes:
i. Rude attitude/language or sexual subjects
ii. Any kind of discrimination, either social-economic, racial, religious or xenofobic
2. Abandon your "bot", leaving him/her still and doing no actions (AFK: Away From Keyboard) for a 120 seconds period.
3. Kick Abuse: Kick one or more players with no actual reasons or by mere personal motives.
4. If by any chance occured an agressive language situation, please DO NOT ANSWER him/her back, because it can only cause a bigger problem for everyone involved, just send us a screenshot of the in-game chat where he/she was being rude or send us the Chat History that can be found here: "URL" and one of our admins will take care of that player as soon as possible banning him/her from the service.
5. It is forbidden to switch from Infected to Survivors (or vice versa) during the course of a game to perform actions that affect such team
6. The initial slots/places of each team, must be respected when they are full with the purpose of not disturb the previous established team (Unless those 8 players agree with the teams' change)

• In-Game Survivor Rules:  
It is forbidden to perform any action that eases the loss of his/her team, as for example:

a. Commit suicide, no matter the reason you may have,
b. Buy a tank or witch as Survivor
c. Attack the members of your own team (Friendly Fire)
d. Refuse to heal yourself or use any of the commands provided by our servers (!buy)
e. Rush on your own when there is still the possibility of save and help your teammates (For example: There are times when a tank attacks and causes a mayhem on your Survivors team, but this must only be done if the situation warrants it and always putting "Save your teammates" on your priority list)
f. Go out of the safehouse hurriedly, without waiting for your teammates to be ready, making them loss the game and accelerate the spawn process of the Infected team

• In-Game Infected Rules

a. Steal the victim of an Infected teammate (Non-Bot) with the purpose of achieve a higher amount of points, this doesn't apply in the case of trying to do a Team-Insta, or in cases when it is done for the sake of your team, not allowing the grabbed Survivor to stand and patch him/herself up.
b. Provoke any type of "Glitch" or "Bug" in the stage affecting the Survivor team; for example that exact moment when you are about to die and you heal yourself as a tank, causing a "Glitch" and making impossible the Survivors team to advance

If a player commit any of these fouls detailed, it will be reason enough to receive a ban from our administrators

If you would like to report a player or dispute a ban, remember to always have and present the proofs that support the case, either they are screenshots or Chat History

To report a player go HERE
To dispute a ban HERE


Our Staff thanks your cooperation and comprehension.

❤ ƤsφɭѺcᶄε ❤

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