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Post by ❤ ƤsφɭѺcᶄε ❤ on Thu Feb 04, 2016 10:48 pm

Hi everyone!  Very Happy

We have created a series o basic rules of conviviality to take part in our discussion forum.
These rules apply to EVERY user of our forum so please, before join us, check them and have them present to avoid futures problems an misunderstandigs.

As always we appreciate all your support and cooperation!
Enjoy our forum!


  • Do not write message in capital letter. Writing in Cap letter means that you are shouting and dificult to read

  • Do not abuse of colors, like the previous rule, this makes it difficult the reading of the message.

  • Do not hang publications, links or images "offensive", and that may be sexual, malicious, racist, sexist, discriminatory, obscene, vulgar or that violates international or local laws.

  • Prevents post messages too short with 1 or 2 lines of extension.

  • Do not post two or more messages followed in the same forum (one after another), if you forgot something in the post you just publish, you can always edit the same and add the information there forgotten, but do not post another followed by your previous message.

  • Do not post personal information of other players or users without the prior authorization of the same.

  • It is not allowed to hang spam or self-promoted in the forum. Do not send never advertising messages or requested. If you want to advertise your business or Web page, using other means, but do not use the forum, since that is not the intention of this. To introduce yourself and share some of your data as your Steam account, you can do so freely in the section for presentations.

  • Seeks to write clearly, i.e. do not write as if it were an SMS message. Keep in mind that if you write of cryptic way, it will be more difficult for you to respond.

  • When you answer or cites to another user, do not include the entire original message in the reply; removes everything that is not to serve you, leaving only what is necessary to give context to your answer.

  • Try to type in the field "subject" a brief description and clear the problem, avoiding ambiguities. Prevents matters of the kind "I have a doubt" or "Help".

  • Do not publish material that infringes copyright. Always use your own materials and in the event that this is not possible, please leave the source of the material explicitly in his post/message.

  • Stay respectful with the rest of the users, moderators and administrators. Can not attack, degrade, insulting or belittling freely to these members or to the quality of this community. Regardless of the role or authority which enjoy in this forum.

  • Report to the moderators of any publication that fails to comply with the rules of the Forum at the following LINK and avoid lowered to respond to this type of users insulting them back. This report will be sent to the administrators of the Forum, who will respond to the incident as soon as possible by blocking the access of the user in question.

  • Before you publish a message, please check that your query has not already been published and answered.

  • Respects the theme of each forum. Note well if the message corresponds to the subject matter dealt with in the forum in which you want to publish.
    If you cannot find the appropriate forum to the topic that you restless, you can request the creation of a specific forum. The request can do in the suggestion forum.


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